What is Clash Royale

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In early January Supercell, the developers behind the success mobile game Clash of Clans declared a spin-off game. It isn’t Clash of Clans 2, but has tons of similarities even though it is a completely different game. As of today, Clash Royale can be found around the world, as well as for Android users.

With Brush of Families being such a success, the programmers didn’t want to mess with a system that is tested and tried, or start over. As a result Clash Royale seems similar to Clash of Clans, and is a strategy game that features lots of the same troops, characters, elixir, jewels, mortars and more.

Nevertheless, Clash Royale is a strategy-based card collecting game. Similar to Card or Hearthstone Wars with a little League of Legends mixed in. It is basically a move-based variant of Battle of Clans with an extremely fast pace and an identical look and feel. Here’s that which you have to learn.

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On January 5 th Supercell announced Clash Royale, and launched it on the iTunes App Store.

Upgrade: It is also available on Android for the very first time. Download it now.

Since the enormous December Clash of Clans upgrade, many Clashers happen to be searching for a different game due to numerous changes. And while Clash of Clans is among the most popular and most effective games, Clash Royale could be stealing a couple of these players in the forthcoming months. Now that it’s been released become popular and iOS, and anticipate it to top the charts for downloads on Android.

In less than 12 hours it has almost 500,000 downloads, and over 200,000 reviews on the Google Play Shop. Those seeking an exciting and addicting game that is new, should attempt Clash Royale.

What’s Clash Royale

Like giants, skeletons, goblins, barbarians and more.

The battlefield is split into two sides, and users will battle by taking turns and using cards (or troops) from their number of cards. A duplicate card upgrades the troop, which makes it more strong. Similar in Battle of Clans make giants stronger, hog riders strong, and wall breakers blast through walls.

You win the match by taking out the two defensive towers, or the enemy players Fortress that each and every player has at the start of each and every battle. Attacking prices spells price elixir also, and elixir. The victor gets decorations, and gets into higher leagues.

It’s a fast-paced game and sometimes users will not put the mandatory defense to protect their fortress down. As an effect, each side has two towers for added protection to help keep the game until you get the hang of it, flowing, take your turn, and choose which card to attack with. Or what troop you need to use. There are skeletons, arrows, spells, infant dragons and more. Everything is not dissimilar to Conflict of Kin, but with a slightly different look and feel. Then of course the card-gathering and refining a strategy for assaults makes it considerably different.

So, it’s a similar yet distinct music genre that many love. Taking the tremendously popular notion of Conflict of Clans and reaching on another market segment to get even more users playing with their games. Users also can buy stone (with actual money) that can subsequently be spent on Chests, to get more troops and cards, but more on that below.

Clash Royale: The way to Play

When you play Clash Royale, you’ll have to be swift. Unlike Battle of Families users have an unending supply of troops to attack with, but you only can bring 8-cards to any battle. Like every card-collecting game, switching out them is not difficult. Just tap on the newest card or troop, then tap on the one they’re switched out and you want to remove.

Construct your deck of cards prior to the conflict, choose what’s strongest based on upgrades and get ready to get a royal battle. By deploying troops to guard your Citadel or attack the enemy, elixir is cost, but it refills fast. Troops could be put anywhere in your side initially, but as you take down the enemy side troops might be deployed nearer. It’s about strategy and making your approach for their fortress. Here’s a hands-on gameplay video from Supercell themselves.

As you can observe in the video above it might be slow sometimes, or extremely fast. Spells may be targeted anywhere about the map, and are deployed like troops — including the enemy’s fortress. This might be convenient while assaulting. Dropping some charms on the castle near the finish to get the success.

It’s all about strategy. By overpowering them, confounding the enemy, or simply outsmarting the opponent and obtaining the win with the help of clash royale hack, you can get more info about the tools here.

With Clash Royale won cards can be collected, or bought. By getting new cards players may unlock new troops, and cards that are duplicate will update troops.

Just how can you get cards? Users will have to open treasure chests they get by spending coins winning battles, or buying stone to get more. It’s possible for you to play for free, or spend real money upgrade them faster and to get more troops. Similar to Clash of Clans and a lot of other games. It is free in a sense, but users can level up faster by spending money that is real, without placing a hole in your pocket, you can even try the battle royale online hack to acquire some gems.

The more cards of every character you have the higher level they are, along with the more strong of an attacker you become. Win more conflicts, earn more cards. And while it’s very important to get plenty of cards for various troops or charms to work with available in a battle, leveling them up is equally as significant, if not more significant for additional gameplay. Assembling your desk is incredibly merely in Clash Royale, something many will appreciate, although many card games are perplexing. The newest upgrade added multiple decks too, so players may have a few pre-made ready to use when conflict time comes.

Clash Royale Updates

The programmers confirmed and released a significant update with a lot of improvements, game reconciliation and six new cards or characters. This is the last major upgrade, right in time for the release that is global. Other changes include lowering the Xbow, inferno, and balancing the game in general out. Since Clash Royale has been in beta for just two months everything has been refined by the team, and are confident in releasing it around the globe.

The changelog says nearly 15 tweaks are made, which suggests it is finally ready for prime time. For now find a good equilibrium, and the programmers are still attempting to get everything right, ensure it is fun for all, keep players from being too overpowered or select troops.