Top Grossing Mobile Game in 2016 – Clash Royale

No other mobile game has done this so fast in Candy Crush Saga, Game of War: Fire Age, and the age of Clans. A fresh game, Supercell’s Clash Royale fort-battle title, has become No. 1 in the U.S. — not only on the top downloads chart but also on the top-grossing list on the iOS App Store.

That’s no small accomplishment in the $34.8 billion mobile-game business, considering that Clash of Clans alone generated well over $1 billion last year in revenues. Which means that the Clash of Clans of Supercell is generating multiple millions of dollars a day in earnings, and now Clash Royale is defeating on that.

But it’s rare, as previously mentioned, for anyone to break into the top-grossing list that’s been predominated Machine Zone by Supercell, and King. Clash Royale is also No. 1 on Google Play downloads in the U.S., but it isn’t showing high on the top-grossing list just yet.

That is the fourth success after Clash of Hay Day, Boom Beach, and Clans of Supercell.

Ilkka Paananen, the CEO of Supercell in Helsinki, Finland, said on his Facebook page lately that he was not unhappy to release Clash Royale, particularly after the firm had killed so many other games. Before releasing them, its games are rigorously tested by supercell in a few markets. Certainly one of these, Smash Land, was quite much along in development when the firm decided to kill it in mid-2015. That type of religious give attention to quality has earned Supercell some loyal followers, and it tells you about Clash Royale is indeed significant, a lot.

When telecommunications company SoftBank purchased a controlling position in Supercell in June 2015, Supercell was valued at an astonishing $5.5 billion. Its success has spawned plenty of other mobile game startups in Helsinki, and everybody is chasing the success of the business. But Clash Royale implies that Supercell still has enormous edges even as it remains a relatively small game studio.

It is no surprise that Apple gave a huge characteristic status in the App Store when it started on Wednesday to the new game. Clash Royale is a mixture of Clash of Clans, real-time strategy, and multiplayer on-line battle stadium (MOBA) games for example League of Legends. As I found in my very own play session but the blend makes for something addictive.

Clash Royale goes farther than Clash of Clans — which has asynchronous battles, where an offline player and one on-line player attacks safeguards — in changing to synchronous, real time battle. Because of this to function smoothly on mobile requires some infrastructure that is tremendous. It has a small load time at the start or ending of a match.

You have a slate of characters which you can drop onto the field, plus they begin going toward the enemy’s defenses, which consist of a principal castle and two forts. It has two lanes for combat, in contrast for MOBA games that are typical to five. The choices for cards that are playable show up in the base of the screen. You get a range of four. A “mana” meter runs across the underside. You just press down on it and move it to the best part of the display in which you want it to appear, when you are set to play a card. That is all you are expected to do. That makes the gameplay easy and repetitive. You have to think fast.

It’s some similarity to Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, the enormously successful collectible card game from Blizzard. You play cards and select from among different ones in a deck, and you must think offline about what kind of cards you wish to get (and in this instance, upgrade). But Clash Royale is not much more complex.

Clash Royale has merely several dozen cards at the moment, but a lot of them are readily recognizable as characters from Clash of Clans. In case you drop a giant down, it’ll lumber at a slow pace toward the fort of the enemy. Once it gets there, it can do a great deal of beating. Your garrison can fire back, but you have to drop some type of shield, such as a dragon, to counter the giant, which could squish goblins and archers rather readily. Each character has benefits and disadvantages when facing other units. It’s a “rock-paper-scissors” sort of conflict where you need to decide within seconds what to do, you can learn all strategy to win with latest brush royale tips and tricks.

The battles can finish within three minutes. The side that has ruined more garrisons triumphs, should you use up all your time. And when you take out the king’s garrison, you win. If the game is tied, you go into a sudden death for one minute. I’ve managed to win or lose a number of conflicts with just a couple seconds left, and that is what makes Clash Royale so exciting.

After every battle, you get a reward. A little wooden chest generally produces inferior loot. But silver or gold chests release better things. But it takes three hours to open a silver one and eight hours for a gold chest. You get better loot, but when you wish to increase the opening time, you have to pay gems, and those stone can be brought in in battle or bought with real money.

Joony Koo, the manager at Huge Pot Games in South Korea, said he detected these things about Clash Royale. The play time fits well with mobile games, at 150 seconds to 210 seconds maximum. You can pick up and play, and you can certainly drop it also since losing doesn’t really affect the play. It’s sophistication in both defense and offense, determined by which card deck you’re employing. It mixes multiple genres, including defense, card conflict, role-playing game, and strategy.

It is not difficult to understand and hard to master. It’s lots of purposeful upgrades, seamless and swift connections for player versus player. It is possible to focus on a straightforward guild system around the metagame, and you’ll find daily quests where you’re collecting. That helps retain users and makes for small grinding. On top of that, it’s good for esports as broadcast medium of Clash Royale has began on station networks.

Now the inquiry is how long it will remain at No. 1.